Upgrade your facility management processes with augmented reality audits.

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We understand the pain of inspecting buildings and technical environments.

Forget about confusing maps and 1,500-point analogue checklists. We have developed sphira to provide the most efficient and effective on-site audit experience. More clarity in execution leads to higher quality, faster processes and an unstoppable workforce. Don’t waste time – upgrade your business.

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and tasks.

Guide to
the check

Interact and document

Provide knowledge where it’s needed.

More than just an “info” point. With MagicPoints you can share and display interactive content. Feedback buttons for a checklist, real-time data from an IoT device or voice messages on a complex work step. Share interactive content in every direction.

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Desktop Editor, Analytics Dashboard – Smart.

Work professionally using the desktop editor, whether you are on site or not. With the Analytics Dashboard you can gather valuable information about how and when your content was accessed

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The team behind
a grand vision.

The Inventor

Robin Huse

The Executer

Levent Valente

The Creative

Steffen Schaller

The Architect

Bennet Jeutter

The Contributor

Daniel Erd

The Calculator

Dr. HC Krumholz