Experiential content
increases learning
quality up to 75%.

Create, share & discover AR + VR experiences.
No coding required.

meet sphira.

goodbye boring

The age of flat and
non-interactive presentations
is over.

While it has become more easy to share your ideas through the world-wide-web, retaining the attention of your audience has become more difficult. Studies show that immersive technologies could solve this problem.




Place objects from the library in your space. Hit record when you are ready and tell your story. Everything you do and say will be recorded and can be played back afterwards in a fully interactive 3D environment, either with a MagicLeap, on a desktop-browser, or an AR-capable mobile-device. You can easily share your recorded content with the world so everyone can learn about what you have to say. Everyone can contribute to Sphira‘s online-catalogue of courses and can offer them free or paid. We will produce diverse and high-quality initial content to attract new target groups and show best practices, which lead our users to success.

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hello dreamteam

meet the team.

Robin Huse

I invent stuff

Levent Valente

I execute stuff

Steffen Schaller

I design stuff

Bennet Jeutter

I code stuff